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High Capacity, High Impact

Light Rail Transit (LRT)

A swift way to travel down Nashville’s most vibrant avenues, Light Rail Transit (LRT) brings to our transportation system fast, high-capacity train cars that move safely and dependably through their own travel lanes. These will be separate from current general purpose travel lanes.  LRT rides are easy and pleasant – and they are reliable, arriving like clock-work every day regardless of traffic patterns or weather.
Metro’s Transportation Solution brings Light Rail to the following corridors –

  • Gallatin Road – beginning in-town and traveling all the way north to Briley Parkway – this corridor will provide swift access to East Nashville’s growing neighborhoods, restaurants, and schools.
  • Murfreesboro Road – will transport you to the airport fast, and to numerous points in between as you cruise past airport traffic along the way.
  • Nolensville Road – Stop first at the proposed new soccer stadium or jump off to explore Nolensville Road’s neighborhood amenities with an easy trip that ends at Harding Place.
  • Charlotte Pike – Access all points west by jumping on a light rail car that delivers you to White Bridge Road
  • The Northwest Corridor – this LRT line will take advantage of existing rails to connect residents to jobs and opportunities in the corridor and around the city; as well as offer ready access to three of Nashville’s prestigious higher education institutions: Tennessee State University, Meharry Medical College, and Fisk University.

Rapid Bus

Metro’s Transportation Solution will deliver a Rapid Bus service along four of our most congested corridors. Rapid Bus service promotes maximum speed, safety and efficiency by giving buses priority on major thoroughfares in and out of downtown. It incorporates traffic signal priority, queue jumps (lanes where buses can bypass traffic at certain intersections), and dedicated lanes and fixed infrastructure where feasible.

Rapid Bus brings state-of-the-art buses – including electric – to each route, level-platform boarding (easy boarding that doesn’t require climbing stairs), and fare payment before boarding to ensure your ride is comfortable and convenient.

You’ll find Rapid Bus along:

  • Dickerson Road – This quickly growing corridor for commerce will be more accessible from downtown to Briley Parkway.
  • Hillsboro Road – Access Vanderbilt University, Midtown and Green Hills
  • West End Avenue – From downtown to White Bridge Road, come and go with ease to West End’s jobs, restaurants and shops.
  • The Bordeaux Route – Travel all the way to Kings Lane along Rosa Parks Blvd, Buchanan Street, and Clarksville Pike with easy stops at places like the Sounds Stadium, Farmer’s Market, and the vibrant Buena Vista neighborhood in North Nashville.

Design Process For Transit Projects

Visual timeline of process
  1. Strategic Plan

    Analyzes existing services and proposes transit project priorities for public review.

  2. Feasibility Assessment

    Identifies opportunities and challenges for potential transit projects.

  3. Public Engagement & Council Consideration
  4. Referendum Vote

    May 1, 2018

  1. Pre-Design

    Engages community residents, businesses and other stakeholders to make sure that projects are designed in a manner consistent with overall neighborhood priorities.

  2. Design

    Develops design concepts (including traffic patterns and station locations) for public review and refinement.

  3. Construction

    May include real estate acquisition, utility relocation.