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We’re a City with a Plan

As our city grows, better, bolder transportation and infrastructure will assure that everyone who lives, works and plays in Davidson County can move around and move ahead.  It’s not just about reducing traffic – it’s about easier and quicker access to everything our city has to offer.

Metro’s Transportation Solution is Metro’s in-depth plan for a multi-modal system of interconnected bus, light rail, driving, biking and walking options.  In total, it:

  • Launches a Frequent Transit Network, which provides service 20 hours each day with unmatched frequency and convenience on the city’s busiest bus routes, as well as four new crosstown routes.
  • Brings more convenient and reliable service to existing local routes and upgrades four routes to rapid bus service, making trips faster.
  • Introduces highly-efficient light rail transit to Nashville, with four new lines running in and out of downtown, including to the airport, and a fifth that uses an existing but underutilized freight rail track along the Northwest corridor.
  • Uses on-demand technology to connect neighborhoods with transit stops and provides more and better transportation options to our elderly, disabled, youth, and disadvantaged citizens.
  • Creates Neighborhood Transit Centers across the city, community hubs offering everyone easy access to the entire system.

Metro’s Transportation Solution can start becoming a reality in 2019. Here’s the timeline:

  • First, local and frequent bus service will begin to connect people with jobs and neighborhoods with neighborhoods.
  • Then in 2023, rapid bus service will open on four of our busiest corridors: Dickerson Road, Hillsboro Road, West End Avenue and The Bordeaux Route
  • Next, we’ll link communities with high-capacity Light Rail Transit (LRT); and construct nearly two dozen new Neighborhood Transit Centers to make the system simple – with bikeshare, digital wayfinding, real-time information, and improved pedestrian connections available at these locales.
  • By 2026, the first light rail (LRT) lines will begin to open to the public. And by 2032, expect a complete system with a swift and interconnected network of transportation options. It will be designed to grow with Nashville while preserving our unique character as one of America’s most welcoming and successful cities and banquet halls.

Take the opportunity to learn more about Metro’s Transportation Solution by attending an Open House or contacting us on this site. Transportation is one of the most important issues shaping our future, so please stay engaged! Let’s transform our travel landscape together.

Our Goals:

Let’s Move Nashville: Metro’s Transportation Solution, will:

  • Provide economic opportunities for the entire city
  • Increase mobility options for everyone
  • Enhance accessibility and independence for the disabled, disadvantaged, and elderly
  • Connect communities with enhanced bus system and high capacity Light Rail and Rapid Bus service
  • Create a safer and more attractive walking and biking environment
  • Support better access to jobs and education

The Roots of a Plan

Metro’s Transportation Solution has been in development for more than two years - beginning with the nMotion strategic planning process in 2015. nMotion was a comprehensive assessment of the entire Middle Tennessee region that gave Nashvillians the opportunity to voice their priorities and hopes for a comprehensive transportation network.

Overwhelmingly, the nMotion process confirmed a collective desire to go bold and incorporate rail.

Metro then engaged a team of renowned transit experts from around the country to bring the best practices and technologies to the Nashville region – taking into account existing transportation context and unique challenges throughout Davidson County.