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1 Public Square, Nashville, TN 37201
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Stay Informed About Your Future

Let’s Move Nashville: Metro’s Transportation Solution is a transportation-focused plan that enhances the positive attributes contributing to our status as one of the greatest cities in the country to live, work and play – while mitigating the traffic problems that have accompanied our boom.

And the only way it becomes reality is with your voice and your vote.

Because one thing is clear: our record-pacing population and job growth will continue. In fact, greater Nashville is attracting 80 new people per day and slated to be the size of Denver by 2035.  Our progress has led to traffic and infrastructure challenges. The Nashville region added 111,405 additional commuters between 2010 and 2015. This has meant almost 4 hours per commuter per year spent sitting in traffic for a total of 33.6 hours.

But there is no turning back the clock.

Metro’s Transportation Solution will turn Nashville’s traffic challenges into an opportunity to be an even better city. It gives our current and future citizens access to fast and reliable transit that will keep us all moving forward far into the future.

Read the official press release.

So stay informed! Write to us, meet with us, this is our future. Let’s make it happen together.