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Your Voice, Your Decision!

Help us bring our comprehensive plan for transportation to life! To become reality, Metro’s Transportation Solution will require action by the Metro Council to put this on the ballot so voters can decide. We want to give you every opportunity to make an informed decision.

In early 2018, the Metro Council will be asked to consider placing Metro’s transportation solution on the May 1, 2018 ballot for a countywide vote. Join us at one of our upcoming Open Houses from now through December to listen, learn, and tell us what you think.

These Open Houses will provide time to talk together about the plan’s big ideas, solutions, and funding structure. If voters approve this transportation solution in May 2018, Metro’s planners and engineers will work directly with our neighborhoods along corridors to determine specifics – such as exactly where bus and light rail stops will be located, bike lanes extended and sidewalks laid.

Please join the transportation conversation! We value your opinion and need your informed support.